The global, corporate business environment has become one that is filled with specialists, all working toward the singe goal of increasing shareholder/stakeholder value. In this complex environment, it is difficult for organizations to employ full-time investigators to enhance enterprise risk management by professionally addressing internal or external wrong doings. These events while generally low in frequency, if not managed effectively can have devastating impacts to business operations and an organization’s reputation.

ISN’s corporate investigations team is highly skilled and consists of former senior police investigators and corporate security experts. This team is extremely adept at assessing and mitigating these types of issues. We match investigative expertise and problem solving to provide timely and appropriate solutions for any given situation.

Some of the areas where we provide our investigative expertise include:

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace

  • Violence in the workplace

  • Complex HR interviews

  • Fraud investigations

  • Corporate espionage

  • Safeguards against litigation

  • Detailed report writing and an ability to provide expert witnesses for court proceedings

  • Investigations on behalf of corporations and municipalities

Corporate Investigations
Criminal Investigations
Civil Investigations
Insurance Investigations
Surveillance Investigations
Financial Crimes Investigations
Workplace Investigations
Open-Source Intelligence Investigations
Electronic Security Sweeps
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