The evolution of technology in the last decade has brought complexity and sophistication to criminal financial investigations. These investigations, also known as forensic accounting investigations, involves the collection of data and the analysis of that data to find relevant information.

ISN’s financial crimes investigators have extensive fraud investigative backgrounds from law enforcement and the private sector. They are subject matter experts who work in partnership with our clients and the police. Through their combined years of experience investigating financial crimes on behalf of individuals and corporations, they are well positioned to handle any investigation, including those involving complex methods and computer forensics.

We understand the devastation this type of crime can have on you or your business. We also understand the necessity to mitigate that risk by conducting a thorough investigation, thereby preserving your assets and your reputation.

Our team of expert investigators can assist with any financial crime investigation including:

  • Embezzlement

  • Money laundering

  • Internal theft/fraud investigations

  • Asset searches

  • Real estate financial crimes

  • Bank fraud

  • Consumer goods

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